Austin Graffiti Park 

Alright, while I work my way back into this slowly try to ignore the wrinkles in my shorts, an unfortunate side effect of actually wearing an outfit all day. I got to spend this weekend visiting my sister and her hubby in Austin (and seriously contemplating moving there) after a delicious breakfast at Snooze we decided to go check out this graffiti park. It’s a really cool concept with some fun pictures to see, it’s ever changing and probably more visually appealing other days. On our visit, too many people had taken the opportunity to tag the walls, covering most of the actual art :/ we’ll have to go back…

I wanted to share my new favorite shirt with y’all! An inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable transitional piece. So far, I’ve got sleeveless mock turtleneck in two colors and I can’t stop wearing them. Sleek paired with any structured bottom, casual with distressed jeans, easily layered under anything and the perfect simple backdrop for statement jewelry.

top / shorts / booties / hat / purse

Istanbul: Our first day

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Istanbul is an incredibly scenic city on the Bosphorus with so many hills and sights to visit. Our first full day there was a Sunday so we stayed close to home and tried to acquaint ourselves with our new neighborhood. We found the most amazing apartment through Airbnb just above a too-cool-for-us bar (no one spoke English) we tried visiting because it always looked so fun, but it was hard to mingle. We were in a neighborhood called Cihangir, which is like the bohemian part of Istanbul, lots of young, fun and interesting people to watch and try to understand. Cihangir was really close to everything we wanted to see, I think the longest distance we walked was two miles. We only took the metro when we had to, it’s so much more fun to get lost in all the cute neighborhoods. We must have stopped into 3-4 cafes a day just for coffee and people watching.

Our first morning we headed over to 5. Kat in our neighborhood for a rooftop brunch buffet. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, by far my favorite meal of the week. The day was beautiful and the views were amazing. The restaurant decor was adorable and the food presentation was to die for…I had to try everything. We took our time up there and enjoyed every bit of it. Afterwards we headed down to Istiklal, a famous pedestrian avenue where most of the shopping and restaurants can be found. We walked the length of Istiklal from Taksim Square to Galata Tower. Down in Galata we found several cute little boutiques and lost ourselves in the winding streets. Somehow we made our way down our hill to the main road where the metro runs and we saw water up ahead and kept going. We got to the Galata bridge and I couldn’t believe how many people were out there fishing, turns out this is an all day/every day thing. We took some pics of the view of the other side of the Bosphorus then headed back in the direction of our apartment to find some dinner. Because our street was so lively we would enjoy sitting on our balcony at night and soaking up all of Istanbul, still not believing we were actually there!

IMG_5470 IMG_5467 DSC_1805IMG_5473 IMG_5477 DSC_1823 DSC_1824 IMG_5485DSC_1843DSC_1852 DSC_1860IMG_5493IMG_5461 DSC_1888 DSC_1908 DSC_1899 IMG_5506 DSC_1782IMG_5503 IMG_5496 IMG_5495 IMG_5513DSC_1923 DSC_1944DSC_1767

What I wore:

Gap jeans // Madewell tunic // Miu Miu slippers (option)



As much as I love shopping, I love a good deal more. Often I’ll want something I know I don’t really need so I’ll leave the store without it and by the time I’m done shopping if I’m still thinking about it I’ll come back for it, this is my “spend less” strategy.But sometimes, I’ll fall in love with items I know I need but refuse to pay full price for, I’ll go home without it and I’ll wait, very patiently…I’ll check online every few days, I’ll go to the store when I have time, I follow what I want! These metallic sandals have been a long time craving since they first showed up in the J. Crew catalog, then I started seeing one of my favorite bloggers wearing them with all kinds of adorable outfits, finally the price dropped to $40 and I scooped them up deciding that was low enough for me…I didn’t want them to sell out, I mean, I’m sure EVERYONE was loving them!!! They arrived Friday while we were getting everything ready for my sister’s wedding, which was amazing, I threw them on immediately to run all my bridesmaid errands, and I was right, everyone WAS loving them :)



Lerner New York top (printed version here, white in store) / Gap shorts / J. Crew sandals / Tibi for Birchbox bag

Sweaters in Spring


This is the epitome of comfort and perfect for a lazy afternoon of shopping. I always find my favorite sweaters well after the cold leaves Houston but I tell myself I’m still gonna love it in eight months. Super soft, pink, and only $14…what’s not to love?!? The best part about buying this sweater was that I didn’t have to wait eight months to wear it after all since we’ve had some tiny cold fronts pass through recently!

I’m also in love with my new sheny designs earrings, they’re very subtle but add a great dash of color and light. I wore these for a week straight when I got them, and I normally change my earrings every day :) She’s a local designer with a great selection and does custom orders as well, check her out!









Gap sweater // Banana Republic Factory shorts (similar) // Nikes // thrifted bag // sheny designs earrings c/o

Pink Hearts

SONY DSC I thought I’d leave y’all with something playful for the weekend. I’ve been wanting to show off this outfit for a while now, first I was waiting on the shoes, then it was too cold…I actually wore this with tights and black heels for NYE with my boyfriend’s family.
I have to explain why I love this so much; back in the fall I was out shopping with Melissa and we came across this sweater at Gap Kids, I immediately fell in love with it and if they would have had an XL I probably would have bought it right then and there. I’m pretty sure Melissa thought I was crazy, the large was gonna be to short and why would I spend $35 on something I might wear once then wash and shrink (I swear it happens to all my sweaters :/) so I told her if she was ever out shopping for Lexi and happened to find it on the sale rack in an XL to let me know. Well, Melissa being the amazing and enabling friend that she is :P surprised me when I showed up at her casa (about a month later) with my new (only $11) sweater!!! And it is still a little short, but it’s so stinkin’ cute, I really don’t care.

I hope everyone else is as lucky as I am to have such a wonderful bestie! Tomorrow morning we’re running our second Half Marathon together in The Woodlands, so excited! Wish us luck :)







F21 skirt (similar) & earrings // Gap Kids sweater // Shoemint heels // Asos bow ring