Yes, Please!

Austin Graffiti Park 

Alright, while I work my way back into this slowly try to ignore the wrinkles in my shorts, an unfortunate side effect of actually wearing an outfit all day. I got to spend this weekend visiting my sister and her hubby in Austin (and seriously contemplating moving there) after a delicious breakfast at Snooze we decided to go check out this graffiti park. It’s a really cool concept with some fun pictures to see, it’s ever changing and probably more visually appealing other days. On our visit, too many people had taken the opportunity to tag the walls, covering most of the actual art :/ we’ll have to go back…

I wanted to share my new favorite shirt with y’all! An inexpensive, lightweight and comfortable transitional piece. So far, I’ve got sleeveless mock turtleneck in two colors and I can’t stop wearing them. Sleek paired with any structured bottom, casual with distressed jeans, easily layered under anything and the perfect simple backdrop for statement jewelry.

top / shorts / booties / hat / purse

Yes, Please!

Spring Break 2015
Welcome to another new addition to the blog! I’ve done this a few times in the past, sharing items I need for the season, am wishfully lusting over, or have, love and have to share. But now, my little inspiration board will be making a regular appearance. Once a month (and anytime a great theme comes up) I will be sharing all the pretty little things I come across that make me think…Yes, Please!
This month I’ve got the best theme ever…Spring Vacation!!! I won’t call it spring break because many of us no longer get to enjoy that little designated luxury of a week that falls in March. But, 2 weeks from today I will be jetting off to Guatemala with my mom again for Holy Week. And this time, Carlos is coming too! I already pulled out my suitcase, and I’m itching to start loading it up. So, just in case anyone else is planning for an upcoming trip, I thought this would be a good time to share some of the items I’m taking or even hoping to take in my suitcase.

Fall Cravings

Fall Cravings
We had a little cold front in Houston this weekend and I got to enjoy my first Pumpkin Spice latte of the year! This got me thinking of all the things I’m wanting for the new season. Not that I’m about to rush out and buy all these mostly-out-of-my-budget lovelies, but I do know that I will be investing in at least one new pair of boots. Only time will tell if I will go Bootie or OTK. A new bag is always my biggest craving, and after much deliberation this beautiful Saint Laurent satchel has made it to the top of my “Dreaming” list. Muted nail and lip colors, classic sandals, and delicate yet eccentric jewelry are all running through my mind. Lots of black and white, slim silhouettes, and good tailoring…this is my vision for Fall.
What’s your vision for Fall?

My Nordstrom Cart

In My Nordstrom Cart
I’m a very slow online shopper. I like to take my time and investigate prices and sales to make sure I’m getting the best deal possible. I’m really more of a browser, I’ll keep items in my cart for days weeks even to see if one day the urge to buy strikes. Lately I keep coming back to Nordstrom. It’s like a fashionista’s one-stop-shop kinda place because they carry brands at lots of different price points. It’s easy to find good quality items that don’t break the bank and pricier items on sale (sometimes even a designer shoe I’m craving!)
Transitioning into spring I’m looking for color and ease of wear. I’ve been searching for a colorful pair of running capris and came across these pretty patterned ones that I’m sure will tempt me to hit the track more often. These are fun too, and on sale! Speaking of great patterns, don’t these track pants make you think of DC’s Cherry Blossoms?!?
I’m loving the whole pastel thing right now (especially pink & blue) and this top fits perfectly into my lust for drapey styles. This Kate Spade bow belt is on sale and these sneakers, well, who doesn’t need a break from heels every once in a while? I’ve also been thinking about investing in a colored mascara for the extra eye opening pop, I’m leaning toward this black burgundy. Seems like white is always in and every season I’m finding more and more items to love in this clean hue like this skirt and crossbody bag.
The vintage look of this swimsuit is to die for and I know I’ll get some use out of it in Guatemala next month! This black and white one piece version from Topshop is equally stunning. And heels, of course, are always on my list. Some version of this little lace up number has been pretty popular for a while, but I hadn’t found one who’s design and color was exactly what I was looking for until now…and the price isn’t horrible.

Trending (Spring 2014)

spring 2014
Spring is fast approaching and stores are already filling their racks with the latest fashions. In case you’ve been too cold to get out of the house and see these changes I thought I’d share some of the trends you’re probs gonna be seeing a lot of soon (love it or hate it).

1. Round sunglasses – personally, I love them, but my face is very round so I just don’t think they work on me :( hopefully one day I will find a pair that is just right! There are many sizes and versions of this round shaped eyewear but I prefer bigger and rounder, they remind me of Mickey Mouse :)

2. Crop tops – they’re here to stay this year whether you wear them solo or layered. I like them cut boxy and swingy and they’re easier to wear than the more fitted version.

3. Full skirts – they’ve been around, and who doesn’t love them?!? We will def be seeing these babies a lot more as the weather warms and in many delicious shades.

4. Pastels – I know Radiant Orchid was announced as the color of the year, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of it through 2014, but I’m happy to say there will also be many pastels. At least through spring. On anything and everything pastels will bring a sweet change to our wardrobes after this very black and grey winter.

5. Pointed Toe Flats – not everyone loves a pointed toe, but they add a feminine touch to any ensemble. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these over ballet flats. Just as comfy but a little more structured, add a bow and you’ve got some serious “lady like” action going on!

6. Bucket Bags – I’m not a fan of this trend (like back packs) I just can’t do it. They just seem like such a pain to get in and out of. I don’t want my purse to make life any harder.

7. Mules – Some people can totally rock them, and they’re coming back from the 90’s pretty hard but ahhhhh, I don’t like mules, I never have, and I seriously doubt I ever will. Everyone’s style is different tho, and if you’re a fan, right now’s the time to strut them.

8. Wide Leg Pants – looks like everything is widening this year (crop tops, skirts & pants) not to say they’re slim counterparts are out of the picture completely, but I am happy about these more comfy but still stylish options.