New Season, New Start


I’d been feeling pretty bad about my too-long-hiatus from the blog for a while now, so when I got hit with a nice little dose of inspiration Friday and realized Sunday would be the first day of Spring, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I know I missed a whole season, kind of, I mean Houston experienced a sad excuse for a Winter this year…but regardless, I’m sorry.

As some of you know, Carlos and I decided to go our separate ways back in November and with that, I lost my photographer and then some. Carlos played a huge role in keeping me Prettily Simple, and for a bit I wasn’t sure if I could do this without his help. Then for a bit I just got super busy with work and finding the time just to take pictures was nearly impossible, especially when you don’t have a live in photographer! But, I really enjoy my little space here, so I’m going to make this work as best I can for now and I’m sure I’ll get back into a nice groove soon enough. I think my fill-in-photographer did a pretty good job ;) thanks mom! jeje

Anyways, Spring time is here, which means we’ll be hitting 100 degrees before you know it. As much as I hate the weather, I do love the shopping, the lighter fabrics, the shorter hems and the open toes! This clothes makes me ready for vacation! Good thing Paris is just around the corner for me…


Old Navy top & skirt / J. Crew belt & shoes (love these) / H&M hat


  1. Yay!! You are back! I’ve missed you! Nice job on the photos, Mom!! You’re hired! Beautiful as usual!😍💋❤️

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