Growing Up


Ok, so I’ve been seriously slacking here and I’m so mad at myself for it! October was the craziest month ever, crazy but good, I think. At the very least, it was promising. After a relaxing, but still adventure filled, week in Costa Rica at the end of September I came back to string of events that helped me realize how fulfilled I am in this job I took on just last summer. Even tho I’ve enjoyed it from the start, I’ve just hit the point where I think I’m actually pretty good at this and I wanna be even better. For the first time in my life, I’m thinking Career, not just Job. I’ve wondered if that would ever happen to me, and I’ll admit, I’m a little surprised it happened in this industry. Construction, really?!? I always thought I’d need something really girly to make me happy. I think that’s part of why I enjoy blogging. But I can have my balance, I just need to make it happen.

All this leads me to think I need “Professional Adult” goals for 31…my birthday was last month too, like I said, crazy month:

  • Work on time management and prioritizing so I don’t always feel behind of overwhelmed.
  • Become a morning person so that I have more time to do things in a day.
  • Be more social, networking in your industry can open doors you didn’t even know existed.
  • Keep my car clean so I’m always “presentable” as a whole. (probs gonna be the hardest)


Banana Republic shorts (similar in white) // J. Crew top (loving this) // F21 sandals old (option)

One comment

  1. Glad to know you are back safe and sound! Costa Rica is so much fun! One of my dearest friends from High School married a Costa Rican and so did her brother. I visited her once and just loved the friendliness of the people! You have it in you to succeed and you are already on your way! God’s blessings!

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