Packing: Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on a plane to Costa Rica for my first Surf Camp!!! I’m so excited, I started packing two weeks ago. I’m a super procrastinator for everything, until it’s time for vacation. It’s like the vacation high starts when I start physically putting everything together for my trip…why wouldn’t wanna get that going early?!?

Honestly, every time I go on a beach vacation I end up packing way more than I need because I barely get out of my swim suit. So for this trip, I’ve made a conscious effort to bring only what I really think will get used. Which means not much clothes or make up, too many swimsuits to count, I even got a couple that are sure to withstand the surf and two rash guards and, of course, lots of sunscreen.

I love a good tan, but I’m getting older and I’ve learned to take care of my skin so my sunscreen game will be ON all week. I’ll especially be hitting it hard with the SPF chapstick, because my lips always show the first signs of sun irritation. I love spray on sunscreen for easy body application, but my face will be getting extra love from Trish McEvoy. Anti Fatigue in a bottle with sunscreen, I wear this on no make up days and it’s my favorite make up but not really make up product, so it’s def coming with me. I also love to slather my wet hair with leave in conditioner once I’m outside, it really saves me from my comb later. Of course, ocean water gives you great let-down hair, but I’ll have good pony tails in my bag for the surf lessons. I don’t want any blinded-by-hair moments!

I can’t go on vacation without a good book, I just downloaded The Knockoff, it sounds like a light and fun read, perfect for lazy beach days. Also, as hard as I will try not to get a sunburn, we are talking about a whole week outside, a little redness is bound to happen. Always pack satin pjs just in case the bed sheets irritate your burn! Aloe is nice to have on hand as well. Two other must haves for a beach vacay; nail polish and some sort of hydrating face mask. My nail polish chips fast at the beach and it drives me crazy, so I like to repaint when I’m lounging in the room at night pampering my face from the sun and wind damage.

I hope I didn’t forget anything important! Do y’all pack like this too? Or are you like my sister who just throws a bunch of stuff in a suitcase and hopes for the best? Love you Ash ;)

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