I’ve never been a major slacks wearer, but I do have a few pairs that I love and throw into the mix every once in a while. For summer tho, I try to wear them in the “lightest” way possible. No heavy or tight materials, and always paired with something even more breezy. I know we’re practically out of summer now, but it’s still gonna be warm for a while, so transition outfits will be big for me through Fall. Pants paired with light tops, long sleeves paired with short hems.

If you follow me on instagram, you will  probably see this top a lot. I wear it way too often, but it literally goes with everything in my closet! I’m a sucker for white camisoles, but this one takes the cake. I need to go get it in black too…


Banana Republic slacks // Topshop top // Ann Taylor belt (love this color & this pattern) // Zara heels (option)

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