All About Eyes

We all have a little vanity running through our veins, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Big or small we’re always gonna find something we’d like to change about ourselves, and as much as I believe we should love ourselves as we are, a lot of “problems” we can fix!

One of my most disturbing trouble spots has always been my under eye area. Honestly, I know it’s not THAT bad, but it’s always been bad enough to bother me. So, I finally started putting a lot of care and focus into my eyes. After all, eyes are the focal point of a woman’s face and they carry so much expression. Aside from faithfully applying my eye cream am & pm, I’ve got my everyday-eye-opening makeup routine down. And best of all, it works for dress up too!

First, using my wet beauty blender I work in the most amazing product EVER in an inverted triangle under my eyes. I can wear this stuff with or without a full face of make up, it doesn’t sit on your skin like concealer and it fills lines and brightens! Then I tap a little primer or light shimmery eye shadow on my lids with my finger to “color correct” and give dimension. My favorite, most eye opening step is a little winged liner starting about a third of the way out from the inner corner of my eye. I’ve fallen in love with Stila’s deep burgundy! I always preferred brown shades on my eyes and used to stick to a subtle smokey eye, brown eyeliners always felt a little bland. But when I found this shade, I quickly changed my daily routine from shadows to liner! Then I just curl my lashes, swipe on a coat of mascara, brush up my brows and I’m ready for my day :)

It’s nice to have a trusty make up routine, but skincare def comes first for me. I love my lotions and potions, there’s not one brand I’ve ever really stuck with tho, I’m always trying new products. I just recently found this eye cream, I know it’s pricey, but problem solvers like this can be worth it. Ask for samples of any product you want to try before dropping that much money! Sephora and Nordstrom are really great about samples, don’t be shy! Birchbox is also great for discovering new products, I’m kind of obsessed. Test out a few different potions to see what works best for your skin. For a little extra pampering, I try to do an eye mask or gels once a week. I like to focus on upkeep so I don’t feel like I have to wear make up every day. Even with a bare face tho, I basically won’t leave home without curling my eyelashes and brushing my eyebrows. To me, these are the absolute most important steps to waking up my face.

What are your little (or big) vanities?

Do any of you obsess over your eye area? Have you come up with a good routine yet, does this help at all?

eye gels // eye cream // beauty blender // instant eye lift // eyeliner // lash curler //

lid primer // mascara // brow gel

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