Blue Door

IMG_9007This little tank top/Tshirt has quickly become a favorite. I found it at Gap last month and have been wearing it on the weekends nonstop. One lazy morning getting ready for work I wanted nothing more than to wear my comfy tank! So, in an attempt to make it look a bit professional, I turned straight to my pencil skirts. White! Perfect, threw on an orange lip and walked out the door feeling pretty good about myself. Professional, summery, comfy, simple yet statement making. I’ve been doing the comfy Tshirt and skirt thing a lot since since throwing this little ensemble together. What do you wear when you want to be comfortable but have to go to work?!?IMG_8969IMG_8977IMG_9014IMG_8994IMG_9039IMG_9003IMG_9049IMG_8974

Gap tank (similar) // Ann Taylor skirt // Zara heels (option) // Loft clutch (French option)

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