4th of July Austin Adventure

IMG_3360This 4th of July Carlos and I took off for a fun adventure filled weekend in Austin with my sister and her hubby. We arrived late Thursday but enjoyed catching up over vino and a gorgeous cheese spread, even ended our late night with a game of Monopoly, where Carlos dominated.  Ashley and Mitchell are the most amazing hosts, and they spoiled us with food and activities that left me wishing I had their lifestyle! They moved out there last summer so they’re mostly familiar with the city but still enjoy discovering new things.

Friday they took us to Barton Creek, a recent discovery of theirs, and a step up from your average pool day. After stopping at Academy for water shoes, we happily strolled down the creek til we found our perfect spot. We just hung out all afternoon in the water getting a tan and drinking beer. It was like being at a huge but chill college party. We left there exhausted, completely drained from the sun. We stopped at a food park truck for a late lunch then headed back to the apartment to shower and nap. Our nap lasted a little longer than we meant for it to but when we got up Mitchell made cookies and we all watched a movie on the couch.

Saturday was one of the longest days ever, but so much fun. We woke up early and, after a waffle breakfast, headed to Pedernales Falls for my first legit hike. A & M had been wanting to get out there, so it was a new adventure for all of us. We did a 6.6 mile hike and stopped at a beautiful watering hole just before leaving. Everyone got in the water to cool off, except me, I didn’t wanna ride home wet. I know, I’m totally lame, but hey, I got pictures of them jumping off the cliff from my little perch. When we left we were all starving and not at all above walking into a restaurant the way we looked. Luckily, because we enjoyed some supper yummy pizza at Via 313, and I don’t really think anyone complained about the stench. jeje. Then we decided we really wanted to go to a vineyard, so we ran home, showered, and threw clothes on super fast #nomakeup…worth it. I love vineyards, even when the wine isn’t amazing. I just like the experience of sitting there with friends and trying new things, talking about the flavors and comparing all the tastings. We went to Spicewood Vineyard, I found most of their wines very thick and heavy, not really my thing…but they did have an amazing and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, which I did come home with. For dinner we went to South Congress in hopes of stumbling upon an open restaurant. We lucked out with South Congress Cafe, the desserts were amazing. On our way out we caught some fireworks and ended the night with another couch movie.

I had to go to Gourdough’s for breakfast before leaving Austin so for our last meal Sunday morning I dragged everyone there. They literally have doughnut everything, I’m sure we each devoured at least a million calories there. Before leaving the city we met up with one of my favorite married couples, who Carlos went to college with, I barely know them but seriously admire them. We had some great conversation and left promising everyone we’d be back soon. I’m planning on staying true to that promise!IMG_8666IMG_3375IMG_3381IMG_3385IMG_3387DSC_7745DSC_7746DSC_7760IMG_3398DSC_7813DSC_7750 IMG_3418DSC_7857DSC_7908DSC_7886DSC_7854IMG_3428IMG_3426


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