Guatemala: 2 days in Antigua


I’ve finally made it through all of my Guatemala pictures! So, this will be the last and most picture heavy post from my trip. We spent Good Friday watching Easter Processions through Antigua and admiring everything that went along with it, like these gorgeous sawdust “rugs” that lined the streets. We hit the markets and tasted almost everything, I swear I could live off Guatemalan street food! Saturday we went back for slightly less hectic shopping, and of course, more food :)

My favorite part of Antigua is how colorful it is. I love looking down each street and seeing an antique rainbow wash of houses. I hope y’all enjoy the beauty and culture in these pics as much as I enjoyed experiencing it!

DSC_6021DSC_5755 DSC_5760IMG_1972IMG_1985IMG_1976IMG_2035DSC_5791IMG_2011IMG_2014DSC_5798IMG_1997IMG_2034IMG_2032DSC_5815IMG_2037IMG_2046IMG_2049IMG_2063DSC_5822DSC_5824DSC_5833IMG_2050DSC_5782DSC_5636DSC_5666DSC_6120DSC_6109IMG_2084IMG_2093IMG_2193IMG_2114DSC_5890DSC_5675IMG_2128IMG_2157DSC_5958IMG_2097IMG_2204IMG_2151IMG_2197IMG_2200IMG_2164

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