Marathon Weekend Adventure


May 31st Melissa and I completed our first Marathon! It was crazy and painful and fun and miserable all at the same time, and I am so happy that we did it. Official time was 4:57:59 just barely under 5 hours, we finished together and with smiles on our faces! I’m ready to do another one :)

The entire weekend was so much fun. It felt like we ate our way through San Diego, but everything was so delicious and eclectic, we were not disappointed once. When we landed we went straight to our apartment (that we found thru Airbnb) it was so stinkin cute, I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of our little place, but we loved it, and it was super convenient to everything. We unloaded everything, changed, and headed to Little Italy where we found Underbelly. Melissa had never eaten noodles like that before, so it was a fun little experience. We sat at the bar and made friends with the bartender as well as everyone who came and went, getting great suggestions for the rest of our trip. Friday morning we started up early and headed to Hillcrest where we enjoyed the yummiest banana nutella french toast at Snooze before heading to the Expo. We were at the Expo longer than normal but they had so much cool stuff going on the first day, we tried on new shoes, won free shirts, and even gave blood. After the Expo we found another great eatery, Barleymash, where we had macaroni skillets with fun toppings…mine was duck confit, goat cheese and blasamic glazed arugula. Then we went to Ghirardelli for ice cream treats. We ended our day early and got a really good night’s sleep. In the morning we started on another delicious note at MAD Fix coffee with Nomad donuts and a good book. Afterwards we found an amazing Farmer’s Market where we spent too much money and of course had to eat a banana nutella crepe. For lunch we filled up on spaghetti at this totally mobster worthy restaurant. Then we hit up the beach for a while, heaven. And we got home early again to prep everything for the race in the morning. We couldn’t find our favorite Gatorade so we had a last minute taste testing session. Race day morning went great, we walked to the start line and the rest was auto pilot. We were exhausted afterwards, but we went home to shower and headed to a street taco restaurant, Puesto, that was recommended to us…with our medals on of course. Then we grabbed some gelato and waddled back to the apartment where we were down for the count. I left there very satisfied, exhausted and surprisingly sunburned.

IMG_2902IMG_2908IMG_2909IMG_2911IMG_2982IMG_2984IMG_2990IMG_3004IMG_3003IMG_2995IMG_3006IMG_3008IMG_3028IMG_3010IMG_3020IMG_3030IMG_3032IMG_3037IMG_3040IMG_3046IMG_3042IMG_3047 IMG_3052IMG_3050 IMG_3114IMG_3053 IMG_3055 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3068 IMG_3069 IMG_3070 IMG_3073 IMG_3080IMG_3181IMG_3100IMG_2977 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3122 IMG_3123 IMG_3138 IMG_3142 IMG_3151 IMG_3155 IMG_3157 IMG_3161 IMG_3180 IMG_3166 IMG_3171 IMG_3174


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