Guatemala Adventure Continued


I know, I’m the absolute worst! It’s been close to two months since my trip to Guate and I’m just now posting pics from the second leg of our trip, sorry. This part was fun, we were at the ranch for three days. I played with the baby cows while the grown ups were getting vaccinated, we got stuck in the mud (more than once) bathed in the river everyday and ate the most delicious food! This trip was a bit different than last years because it rained pretty bad while we were there, I lived in my rainboots! Mostly because taking them off while wet was near impossible…but I def would not have survived without them. They will be a permanent staple of my “ranch life” wardrobe. My legs got beat up quite a bit this time unfortunately, there was a severe lime burn, itchy mosquito bites (gotta remember OFF next year) and one hard smack from a plant. But pants are just way too hot and heavy, but hey, I survived, I can’t wait to go back! Life’s an adventure and you have to experience as much as possible :)



DSC_5312 IMG_2179 IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2186

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