Marathon Training: 3 Weeks Out

runWell, we did it, 20 miles! I’m feeling very accomplished this week, sore, but accomplished. I knew we could do this if we tried, but actually getting to this point is crazy #badass. Although training is not done yet, it’s all downhill from here. Easy runs til race day. I’ve never been more excited to finish something. This whole process has been way more than I originally expected…but I’m still super happy we did it and I know that feeling of finishing will be unmatched.

18 weeks is a lot, and it does not go by quickly. Even though I’m only running 4 days a week, I have not been making the most out of my 3 free nights. I’m tired, sore and hangry most of the time which has lead to a lot of staying in and vegging out. I’m looking forward to starting up somewhat of a social life again. It has not been easy to see my friends stay out late on a Saturday night or brunching on Sundays :( I want to brunch every day after this race! I won’t be giving up on running comletely, but I do not plan to do another marathon anytime soon. Melissa and I will stick to our previous schedule of cooler weather half marathon training October – Februaryish. Of course, I know there’s a chance that I’ll just be super bored a week after the race and decide to pick up something new ;)

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