Marathon Training: 4 Weeks Out


These are a few of my favorite things…running things that is!

Throughout our marathon training I have tried many different brands and styles of all these items but these have by far given me the best results. I figured I should share this wisdom in case any of you following along are looking for any suggestions :)

Everyone needs their perfect shoe to get through any distance training. Right now, mine happens to be Asics’ Gel Pursue. But, if you are shoe shopping, I highly recommend stopping into Luke’s Locker! They are the absolute best, and will help you get into your perfect shoe.

Even with my perfect shoe, without these socks, I’d always have crazy blisters.

After your feet are taken care of, a good sports bra should be next on your list. I love the adjustable options of this one from Moving Comfort, it holds your girls in place and doesn’t rub…until you get to really high mileage, but for those runs I just make sure to add a little a body glide to prevent chafing.

These pants from Nike have been my most comfy for runs because they don’t slide down like most pants do, they have ventilation behind the knee, a high waist, and a back pocket.

 I don’t wear shorts as often as I used to because after 5 miles the chafing begins. But, these are my favorite shorts that I have found…mostly because of the wide waistband and the zipper pocket.
Before marathon training, I never wanted to wear a hydration belt, I didn’t want to deal with the extra bulk and bounce. But this one from Nathan is amazing! It does not move and you can surprisingly fit quite a bit in it even though it’s not huge. I would not be able to make it through a long run without this baby!

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