Dresscode: Professional


Dressing professionally does not have to be boring, but there are guidelines everyone should follow. If you want others to respect you, you have to first respect yourself. This begins with your image. It does not matter how smart or capable you are, no one is going to take you seriously if you always show up looking sloppy! Polished, Sleek, and Chic…this is what you should aim for every morning. People will notice that you not only take pride in your appearance, but also in the work you do, and where you are going in life. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

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Go for fitted (not tight) pieces in structured materials. If you are in between sizes, buy up and have item tailored. Tailors can be your best friend and are usually inexpensive!

You can soften your look with the material of your blouse. Silky tops with bow tie necks or collars are feminine yet still professional and conservative.

Blouses should be tucked in and all clothing should be pressed.

Skirts and dresses should hit at or below the knee.

Cleavage and bra straps should NEVER be visible. Every girl should have a good bra that fits properly!

Stick to a neutral color palette: black, blue, charcoal, burgundy and white/cream.

Your blazer does not have to be the same color as your bottoms.

Shoes should be closed toe, low, and above all, easy to walk in. Remember,  nude heels make your legs appear longer!

Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Nothing gaudy, nothing that moves around or makes noise. A statement necklace that isn’t over the top can work with a simple outfit.

When wearing white, undergarments should be nude, NOT white!

Nails should be groomed. If painted, opt for light, neutral colors.

*Hair and make up can make or break your look. People are looking at your face when you’re presenting, this is where you need to appear the most polished. Make up should be clean and simple and hair should be out of your face and tame.

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This post was created for a presentation for the girls of The National Hispanic Institute.

*All images borrowed from Pinterest


  1. Wow! Andrea’s presentation was incredible 😀. She gave important key points on how to look delightful and beautiful when dressing proffesional. Her elaboration and examples on these key points were exquisite. She got across to all clothing, jewlery, hair, makeup, and even nail color that should and should not be worn. I learned alot! I never thought that nail color could play a part on dressing professionally, or that the color of your bra can make a difference. Thank you Andrea!!

  2. Completely amazed at how much those simple things matter. Andrea opened my eyes for good. She explained so many things in just a couple mins. Giving a great explanation of what not to wear but also keep a balance between the colors. Especially emphasized that every girl is different and there will always be something just for that individual. Thanks for being honest and understanding Andrea.

  3. Andrea Gallagher came to a program I was in and spoke for the first time. I have to say it was amazing. She seemed to have lots of confidence in herself. She always kept in mind that their are many girls with different bodys, so she talked about different styles. She has tough me a fee small things that can make a huge difference. I will not get into more specific things because then this comment will be longer than it alredy is. To keep this on the piont, I have to say that for her first presintation, she was great.☺

    1. You are super sweet Samantha! I hope I really was helpful, y’all were the best audience a first time speaker could have asked for!

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