It’s no secret that I’m a big lover of black and white, the color combo is always chic and works on everyone. But as far as prints go, I’m not exactly a collector, I leave the prints to my accessories. I tend to stick to a very simple palette…mostly solids, some stripes, some dots, a rare floral now and again…My closet is actually very boring to peer in to, especially with my preference for neutral tones. I guess I seek excitement through different silhouettes and tailoring. Windowpane has been pretty popular for a while, but this was the first piece I’ve found that really sucked me in. I love the collar and the way the solid black portion of the top cuts into the pattern. I feel very prim and proper in this dress :)

IMG_6338 IMG_6194 IMG_6198IMG_6249 IMG_6319 IMG_6269

Loft dress (more windowpane here, here, here & here) // Jimmy Choo pumps (wallet friendly options here, here & here)

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