Marathon Training: 6 Weeks Out


We got off to a rough start last week. Still traumatized by our 18 mile run Sunday, we took Monday off to relax and met up Tuesday for a short run. Unfortunately, Melissa’s leg injury was kicking that day and we were not able to finish. As much as we want to complete this, it’s not worth a serious injury. So if we have to take things slow it’s ok. This is not a competition, we’re not trying to beat anyone we’re just trying to accomplish something for ourselves. On our walk back to the car we decided we would take a few days off to give her time to ice/stretch/massage properly, and of course ditch the high heels! This worked out kinda great for me since I got hit by a horribly painful cough that just got worse when I tried to run. I did do a not-so-fun 3 miler on my own Friday and then Saturday morning we made it through a good 5 together. We were both feeling a lot better after that and then we got a little cool front, so Sunday’s 13 miles felt like a breeze. After I left Melissa’s temporary travel trailer home (her new house in under construction), I realized I forgot something and had to go back. I found Melissa sitting out in front of her trailer with one leg in a trash can soaking in a warm epsom salt bath…I wish I would have taken a picture!

We def began this week on a high note, ready to hit all our runs and make it through a hopefully-not-too-painful 19 miles this Sunday! Pasta for lunch everyday, and lots of water and vitamins, oh, maybe even a massage. We can do this, mind over matter!

*Image found on Pinterest

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