City of Lights

IMG_0003I’m baaaaack! I flew in from Guatemala Sunday morning and life has been non stop since! After landing around 10 am I went to my parents house to rest and recover in order to make it through a 17 mile run that afternoon. It was painful, but Melissa and I made it through. Luckily I was able to squeeze in three 30 minute beach jogs the last few days of my trip, otherwise, there’s no way I would have survived Sunday! I ended up staying at my parents’ that night doing laundry and catching up with my dad so I didn’t make it back to my place until Monday after work…where my landlords told me they sold the house and I have to be out of my adorable little garage apartment in June :( I’m so sad, I’m going to miss them and my my life there so much, but I know this just means it’s time for a fabulous new phase of my life! I’ll figure out exactly what that means soon enough…but the past two nights I’ve been cleaning and packing. I’ll be living out of my suitcase for another 10 days while I housesit for my sister’s mother in law. I was feeling very inspired while I packed tho, so I’m excited about some possible future blog posts :)

Melissa and I took these before I left but I couldn’t find the time to post them since, well, you know, life…

These Old Navy Rockstar jeans in black are my absolute FAVORITE, this is the third pair I’ve bought! I know that doesn’t sound like a good thing but in this case, it is! We all know black unfortunately fades super fast, but since this pair has never cost me more than $30, I’m more than happy to re purchase when my old ones start to loose their luster. Especially since these are the most comfortable, perfectly fitted legging/jean ever!IMG_0027IMG_0013IMG_0021IMG_0122IMG_0054IMG_0093IMG_0102IMG_0090Old Navy jeans and T shirt (fun options here & here) // Mural blazer // Steve Madden heels (great options here, here & here) // old clutch (option, love this) // Sanrio compact

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