Marathon Training: 10 weeks out


This past week has been crazy. It seemed like I had something going on every night and finding the time to run was difficult. We got soaked during our medium run this week again, so it was nice to finally have a pretty weekend long run. Sunday, Melissa and I ran 15 miles!!! It feels kinda crazy to say that, even crazier is the fact that I don’t feel like my body is now falling apart. Yesterday I ran 4 miles, and today Melissa and I will be running 7. I have to cram them all in back to back this week because I leave for Guatemala Friday morning. Sadly, I’ll be missing this weekend’s long run but it’s a drop down to 13 miles so when I get back Easter Sunday we’ll be pushing forward for a 17 miler. I’m hoping, no, I am going to make myself fit in a couple of short runs while on vacation so I’m not completely out of it by the time I get back. Ten days is a lot to take off, too much, but it is vacation and I want to enjoy it. It’s too easy to start skipping several runs after you skip just one. It is completely mental, and getting out the door really is the hardest part. Melissa and I are running at a slow do-able pace, we’re not trying to kill ourselves or break any records. We just want to be able to say “we did it” and we will…and then we will do something harder. Mind over matter!

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