Marathon Training: 12 weeks out


Melissa and I have officially made it through the first third of our 18 week Hal Higdon training plan! I’m really enjoying this plan so far, and would recommend it to any beginner. We started a little easier, maybe not taking it as seriously as we needed to, but we’re def learning as we go. On top of our long run each week, which we wouldn’t dream of skipping (unless I’m in Guatemala, which I will be in 3 weeks!) Hal has us doing 2 short runs, 1 medium run, and 1 cross training day leaving us with 2 rest days. The first week, I attempted to do Yoga as my cross training but it left me more sore than I would have liked. So, I’ve been resting 3 days a week opting for no cross training, plus rest days fit into my schedule a little better ;) The first 3 weeks we did not do any of the medium runs, sticking to just 3 short (3 mile) runs each week. Since we had been previously been training with 2 shorts and 1 long, the extra short made a difference even tho it was shorter than the plan called for. Also, the first 3 weeks all our longs were under 10 miles so it wasn’t so bad. Week 4, however, we were jumping to 11. This was going to be our first ever training run that was over 10 miles and on race days 11 was where I always began to loose my mojo. So, we decided we were gonna start doing our medium runs for real. I’ve been going to Melissa’s an extra day each week to run our 6 together, because anything over 3 kinda sucks when you’re running solo. The extra mileage during the week has made a bigger difference on our long runs than I originally anticipated. During our previous training, I’d have trouble with stairs for at least a day after all our longs, but now we are both getting through our longs with significant ease and minimal soreness.

This week was a little harder for us because Melissa hurt her leg…and the weather has been horrible! I had never run in the rain before, but our past 2 runs were extremely wet, and cold. We learned that running with a hat (which I’d also never done before – too hot) is a life saver so you don’t get rain droplets in your face. Melissa had to take this week off to treat her injury with tips she recieved from a coach she met with at Luke’s Locker. Seriously, Luke’s Locker is THE place to go for any and all running needs. Besides having everything on hand, their staff is super knowledgeable and willing to take the time to help you with whatever your needs are. I had to run my 6 mile medium alone, which was so boring, but I ended up skipping my second short for the week. We got together Sunday for 9 miles and took it super slow and easy, stopping to stretch and adjust along the way as needed. The start was rough, but we finished hard. It’s weird, but it seems like the first 3 miles of any run are the most difficult. Once you make it past that, it’s almost like auto pilot kicks in you’re good the rest of the way. You just gotta keep fueling and remember, mind over matter!

This week our short runs increase to 4, and our mediums to 7. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Melissa’s leg is doing a little better after her rest week because our long run bumps up to 14 which will make Sunday our longest run ever…and it just keeps going up from here!

Next week I’ll share about our favorite products and how we use them. I hope this is helpful or at least interesting to some of y’all. Have a great week!

{Image borrowed from Pinterest}


  1. Amazing! I never ran, but I was an aerobics fanatic at about your age. I can relate to the difficulty in the start, but once you reach a certain point, your body kinda goes into auto-drive and your breathing becomes regulated and easier and you feel no pain. The problem then becomes overdoing it and dehydrating. So, be sure to stay hydrated! Makes me want to get into an exercise plan again! Unfortunately, I am no longer a young puppy with lots of stamina, so I will have to take up something less strenuous! Good luck, girls!

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