Fancy Friday


I kinda wish Casual Friday was actually on Monday, and Fridays were, well, Fancy…a day for sequins, bright lips, and pretty pumps. Especially since my marathon training started and all our long runs are on Sunday, Mondays are always hard for me. In the morning my feet hit the floor in a squeal of swollen pain and I just want to throw on jeans and my Nikes to start my week, but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned up. It’s not that I want to wear jeans to work everyday, just Monday, instead of Friday! I think it takes a couple days of having to wear make up, drink coffee and interact with others to get me going again, but by Friday, I’m ready! Friday I wanna wear my pretty clothes, and meet people for lunch…Friday is when I feel good. Maybe it’s the excitement of knowing my weekend is almost here and I’ll finally be able to sleep in…

Do y’all like my Fancy Friday idea? Or are you happy with Casual Fridays? I’m dying to know if I’m the only person who feels like this every week!

IMG_9924 IMG_9913 IMG_9970IMG_9988 IMG_9918 IMG_9956


Loft pants (similar) // H&M top (sequined options here, here and here) // Jimmy Choo pumps


  1. I love your top – it is so great! I am obsessed with mono-chromatic looks right now! And I would agree – I love to get dressed up on Fridays and Mondays are normally the hardest to pull a look together!

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