Valentines Day Picnic


Warning: You are about to be flooded by way too many pictures, but I just couldn’t help myself, the whole day was just too cute!

Saturday the weather was ridiculously perfect. After our morning coffee, Carlos and I headed to HEB where we stocked up on all the goodies we were craving for our picnic…french bread, prosciutto, hummus, wine. Then we stopped by Crave, because how could I not eat 3 delicious and beautiful cupcakes on love day?!? Once we had everything we needed we made our way to Hermann Park, top down of course, to find our afternoon lounge spot. We had so much fun relaxing, pigletting, being silly and taking a gazillion pictures. I was happy that I got to use my awesome picnic blanket, and Carlos was happy that he got to fly his kite. He was like a little kid, it was so cute, I even got a few videos of him running with his kite trailing behind him two feet off the ground. After a few hours on the hill, we packed everything up so we could go check out the Centennial Gardens. If you haven’t walked around there yet, I highly recommend doing it soon before the weather gets too hot. It’s really pretty out there, I think Carlos and I were both missing our days of studying abroad during our outdoor adventure. We’re going to make an honest effort to do more activities like this!

IMG_0706IMG_9406IMG_9425 IMG_0721IMG_9417IMG_0760IMG_9431 IMG_0726IMG_9453 IMG_9478 IMG_9480 IMG_0791 IMG_0785 IMG_0754 IMG_0756IMG_0770 IMG_0775IMG_9488 IMG_9527IMG_0805 IMG_9537 IMG_9543 IMG_9566 IMG_0810IMG_9580IMG_0812

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