Lady in Red


Valentines Day kinda snuck up on me this year, but I recently wore this great red dress to a wedding and thought this week would be the perfect time to share it. I don’t actually enjoy going out and celebrating on V Day but I am a big fan of all the pink, red, hearts and chocolate! I’m lucky enough to have a super thoughtful boyfriend that brings me flowers way too often, just because. So for V Day every year I ask him to skip the overpriced-for-the-month-flowers and just get me a box of Godiva truffles, yummmmm. This year, since the weather has been so nice lately, Carlos and I are planning a picnic at Herman Park Saturday afternoon. I may even let him have one of my truffles for dessert…depending on how big my box is ;)

How are you celebrating Valentines Day this year?


H&M dress sold out but they have a fab sleeveless option, great lace here, love the structure of this one // Jimmy Choo pumps (with platform) // Old Urban Outfitter clutch (loving this one) // wrap/scarf picked up in Istanbul Spice Market

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