Picking things back up


I know that I’ve started this year off pretty slow with my blogging, but I hadn’t realized just how casual I had started it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying casual is bad, I just feel like I’ve been a bit lazy. It’s just so cold and dark and rainy ALLLLL the time. Well, at least that’s the picture I paint in my head as I’m getting ready every morning, trying to convince myself that I will in fact survive what I will face once I open that front door. But today, I wanted to show y’all that I haven’t completely given in to the dark side.

Honestly tho, I do dress up for work on the regular, it’s just too hard to get in some picture time during the week lately. Preferring skirts to pants (unless they’re jeans) is probably my saving grace when it comes to looking nice at work. Particularly since, for me, work skirts/dresses require heels. Unfortunately, by the time the weekend rolls around, I don’t even want to look at my beautifully arranged shoe closet. Just give me my Nikes!

March 8! That’s when the time changes and I’m counting down the days. I think an extra hour of daylight after work will help get me back into the spirit of, well, everything. Not that I’m waiting til then, but, I can see the light…and this is where I decide I’m picking things back up!

IMG_9129 IMG_9083IMG_9108 IMG_9113 IMG_9135IMG_9144IMG_9104IMG_9082


Gap sweater // Banana Republic skirt here in light tan // Manolo Blahnik pumps // Target clutch (metallic option, loving this one)

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