Rock and Roll New Orleans

IMG_0223 Two weekends ago Melissa, and I headed down to New Orleans with our boys to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon and enjoy a nice little weekend away. It was an exhausting getaway between the long drive and the run but Dustin was quite the trooper taking care of us runners. He drove the entire way, carried our jackets while we ran, and was ready at the finish line to take pictures of all of us as we crossed!

Melissa and I were pretty rowdy in the backseat on the way to Nola devouring sugar and loudly singing along as we curated our perfect running playlists. We left a little later than we planned Saturday morning and barely made it to the Expo with enough time to pick up our running packets, normally we like to get inside and browse all the good deals. After the Expo we hit up Yelp to find somewhere close by we could load up on spaghetti. For me spaghetti is a must have the day before a big race, unexpectedly tho, this place had the most amazing garlic knots ever…I may have over done it, oops.

This was the 5th Half Melissa and I have done together and I like to think we’ve got a pretty good little routine down. We always order our bfast the before we go to bed. We know that we like to eat a bagel, waffle, or english muffin with peanut butter and honey at least an hour before race time. And we know that most hotels don’t have peanut butter, so, I always bring peanut butter and honey with me just in case. Unfortunately for us this particular hotel only served a buffet breakfast and we couldn’t get a bagel or anything sent up to our room. Carlos ran out to the corner store to try to some kind of carb for the morning and could only find white bread. We made it work tho…even without a knife. While Melissa was spreading peanut butter onto her white bread with her fingers, in our shared room, she said to me, “I feel like we’re a bunch of teenagers right now” she was so right, and I could not stop laughing.

It was a rough morning for us to get going, and once we got outside it was freezing and much windier than expected. Carlos was the only one that dressed on the warmer side and we had to snuggle up to him while we waited at the start line. One mile in I was hot tho and glad I didn’t bring extra layers.

I was the first out of the three of us to cross the finish line!!!!! 1:59:34 finally under 2 hours!

The race ended just outside a city park where we enjoyed some lively music and free beer before we headed back to the hotel to shower. There was a tiny detour to Cafe du Monde, and after showers, a tiny bout of exhaustion may have hit. But we all pulled together and headed out for our traditional post run margarita and then explored a bit of the city.

On the drive home, Melissa and I decided we thought, maybe, we were ready for a Full Marathon…As of Friday, we are officially signed up. San Diego we will be Rockin’ and Rollin’ through 26.2 miles of you on May 31!IMG_9333 IMG_0266 IMG_0279 IMG_0278 IMG_9349 IMG_9363 IMG_9407 IMG_0287 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_0546IMG_0298 IMG_0335 IMG_0339 IMG_0318 IMG_0346 IMG_0348IMG_9456IMG_9484 IMG_9464 IMG_9498 IMG_9501IMG_0363 IMG_0374 IMG_0389


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