Flannel and Leopard

IMG_9158 When you live somewhere that’s pretty warm 90% of the year it can be hard to look fashionable during the colder 10%. You just don’t want to spend all your money buying great winter pieces that you’ll barely get to wear. This is when layering (and warm cups) really come into play. Lately I find myself throwing on a scarf even just for the layering look, I think it makes for nice decoration. When I’m really cold, I’ll wrap it nicely around my neck, but most of the time I just throw it on and let it hang like an undone tie. Little extras like this help keep me from looking like a teenager in sweat pants and hoodies all winter. A great coat also helps :) and we’re almost at the time of year where all the coats go on major clearance…perfect time to prepare for next winter!IMG_9174 IMG_9170 IMG_9178IMG_9196IMG_9211IMG_9175

Gap jeans // Old Navy top // Ann Taylor coat (option) // Miu Miu slippers (love these)

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