A Gallagher Christmas

IMG_8664Christmas with my family is a casual affair. We celebrate on the 24th by spending the afternoon cooking and relaxing usually after a morning spent last minute holiday shopping. My mom and I always indulge in my favorite (but only holiday worthy) cocktail of Kahlua and evaporated milk. After a late dinner we do a lot of gift wrapping to prepare for Santa’s delivery. At midnight we take all the kids outside to search for Santa’s sleigh (a long time tradition) yet we always seem to miss him. Someone always runs out of the house yelling that’s he’s arrived, but by the time we make it back in Santa’s long gone and all that’s left is a pile of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree. I still get a kick out of it! Do you have any fun family traditions?IMG_8702IMG_8679IMG_8712 IMG_8704 IMG_8706 IMG_8766 IMG_8767IMG_8802 IMG_8759


Banana Republic sweater // AG jeans // Sam Edelman boots

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