Dressed Up Sweats

IMG_7968Too often during the cold months I wake up with absolutely no desire to change out of my PJs, it’s probably my fault for keeping it cool inside my apartment but I just sleep so much better when I’m colder. When I get up with enough time for my little place to warm up I can usually force myself into something more work appropriate, but when I don’t, jeans and a sweater with pumps tend to be my comfy go to. In an effort to leave my jeans to Fridays, I decided to try out this whole dressed up sweat pants trend, and oh my goodness…amazing. I’ve accepted that heels are just something I must suffer thru, and I really enjoy making use of my collection, but when the rest of me is super comfy I almost forget I’m wearing them. I bought these sweat pants in Istanbul and wore them on the flight home, now that I know I can get away with wearing them to work too they’re def at the top of my amazing purchases list. You really can dress up just about anything…It’s little things like this I enjoy learning about fashion!IMG_7883 IMG_7891IMG_7973IMG_7902IMG_7940 IMG_7966


Gap sweater // H&M sweatpants // Jimmy Choo pumps // J. Crew necklace (similar)

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