Istanbul Street Art & Topkapi Palace


Our last Friday in Istanbul was beautiful and warm…until it wasn’t. I knew it was going to get cold again later in the evening, but it hit a lot earlier than expected, and so did the rain :/ Luckily, we were still able to see everything on our list, and I got a pretty new scarf! We started at the Pera Museum to check out their Language of the Wall Graffiti/Street Art Exhibition. Carlos, of course, was in heaven, and I was enjoying all the bright colors. Afterwards we enjoyed roaming the streets, finding more street art, eating delicious pastries, and buying silly hats. We made it over to Topkapi Palace with my new scarf/blanket just as the wind and drizzle started to set in. Topkapi was home to the Ottoman Sultans for years, and at one point housed 4,000 people. It was it’s own little community and it is huge, and mostly outdoors with four main courtyards and several buildings (mostly open air) for us to explore. You can really see how cold and exhausted I was by the end in the last picture here


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