Le Tote


Have you heard of Le Tote? It’s the newest in trends to hit this fast-growing subscription box industry, and I’m loving it! I think it’s safe to say that most girls tire of wearing the same thing pretty fast. I have a closet full of clothes, most that I like even, I’ve just worn them so many times already. Enter the new “Rotating Closet” or the “Netflix of Fashion” if you will. For only $49 a month you receive a box with 3 articles of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelry to wear once or as many times as your little heart desires before returning (in the provided prepaid envelope) in exchange for your next Le Tote. Being the kinda gal that enjoys getting the biggest bang for her buck, I really love checking to see what I’ve got coming next while my Tote is en route so I can plan my next few outfits around my temporary items then quickly send them back for more! It’s almost like borrowing from your girlfriends’ closets for a little something different. I’m on my second box right now and I’ve really enjoyed it and wanted to share one of my favorite pieces so far. I wore this super adorable dress to work with pumps and got a ton of compliments, so when I got home I switched out the pumps for some greige booties for a casual movie date with Carlos. I also tried it out with my new flat OTK boots, loooooooove! I might have to keep this dress ;) Which is totally fine too, anything I don’t return in my box just gets charged to my account at a discounted member rate and I add it to my closet permanently. These earrings were also in my Le Tote. I’ll be showing off some more of my Le Tote looks over the next few weeks so you can get a taste of what they have to offer.

Today tho, LE TOTE is offering a free trial! Visit the Le Tote website and sign up to receive your first box free if you like it do nothing and they’ll keep coming, if one time was enough for you just cancel before your second shipment goes out and you won’t be charged anything, pretty sweet. Have fun building your virtual closet with Le Tote and let me know what y’all think!IMG_6282IMG_6292 IMG_6305 IMG_6314 IMG_6402 IMG_6445IMG_6419IMG_6354

BCBGeneration dress and earrings via LE TOTE // Louise et Cie pumps // Express booties

Here are the details for the First Box Free promotion:

  • Offer is valid for new users only.
  • You can cancel anytime.
  • All clothes must be returned within 30 days of joining.
  • First Box Free does not include unlimited totes.
  • You will be charged when you receive your second box, unless you cancel before the second shipment.
  • After the free trial ends, you will automatically be enrolled in LE TOTE’s $49/mo plan, unless the subscription is canceled.

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

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