Below the Knee

IMG_6207I’ve been really loving that this trend of lengthier skirts has stuck around for a while. It’s flattering in every style…A line, pleated, even pencil, and I’ve definitely been hoarding them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of shorter skirts, even now at 30. But, especially for work, these below the knee pieces have have become standouts in my closet. I find them very sexy and appealing without being suggestive. Even tho I’ve always been a big jeans girl, for some reason I prefer skirts and dresses to pants in the office. Weird, but I kinda love that my new job has opened doors to ways of dressing I hadn’t been too interested in trying before. Sometimes I feel more confident in my work clothes than I do off duty. There’s something extremely satisfying about creating a fun work appropriate look everyday that turns heads. It’s just too boring to throw on an ill fitting pantsuit everyday, don’t you agree? I’m not even pushing any boundaries here, a simple sheath in an less common length with textured pumps and fun earrings, all in a neutral palette. But for me, where I work, this is fun!

If your office isn’t super dressy, isn’t it nice to just look nice? It’s all about what image you want to portray knowing what you like and what works for your body…that means you have to experiment! Play in your closet as much as possible, and if you need a little inspiration, that’s what I’m here for ;)

Oh, did you notice I chopped off my hair again?!? It was getting to be too much work, I prefer it low maintenance!IMG_6183IMG_6181 IMG_6209 IMG_6234 IMG_6173IMG_6245


Ann Taylor dress (love this one) // Louise et Cie pumps // Target bag (old, great option)

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