On The Bosphorus


Our fourth day in Istanbul, a cold front came in and it was so nice we decided to stroll a little further north of where we were staying. I had read about Yildiz Park, which used to be part of the Imperial Garden of Yildiz Palace, and I thought it’d be fun to go there for lunch and relaxation. On our way there the scenery was a lot different than it had been down by all the tourist attractions. It’s always neat to see how different one city can be from block to block. We stopped halfway to jump of a boat tour of the Bosphorus, which was a great way to see everything, and a nice little break for our feet :) Quick note to anyone headed to Istanbul; if you do go on a boat tour, DO NOT accept drinks being handed out on the boat unless you really want it and are willing to pay around triple the normal price. When we boarded there was a guy going around passing out OJ to everyone, I didn’t want any, and I tried telling him know but was super insistent and I felt like I was insulting him so I finally took it. Later he made more rounds, but really not wanting anymore OJ, we asked if there was tea. Halfway through the tour the guy came back around and started charging everyone. They were the most expensive drinks of our entire trip, such a rip off! Besides that the boat tour was quite enjoyable. Once we were off the boat we made our way towards the park…not that any blame should be thrown around, but, we ended up a tad bit lost wandering through a very up and downhill neighborhood. Oops! I thought Carlos was ready to strangle me as I very peppily continued on not really caring what we came across because, Hello, we’re on vacation! I just wanted to enjoy it all. As we finally were getting close, my saving grace appeared, and Carlos was no longer mad! We came across a guy painting a wall with what seemed to be art students with him for any assists. Since Carlos loves his street art, we sat there and admired for a while…we even walked by again on our way home to see the progress. Once we were in the park, it was all uphill again, we found a cute patio overlooking the city and sat down for coffee and fries. We decided that after such an intense glute and calf work out today would be the perfect day to try out a Turkish Bath. We went to Cagaloglu Hamam because it was supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the city. All I can say is…it was amazing, not as scary as I expected, expensive for how short the service was, but definitely worth trying at least once in your life. When in Rome, right?!?

DSC_2365 a DSC_2383 DSC_2384 DSC_2395 DSC_2403 DSC_2416 DSC_2420 IMG_5651 DSC_2437DSC_2436 DSC_2440 DSC_2441 DSC_2442 DSC_2446 DSC_2455 IMG_5661DSC_2484 DSC_2485 DSC_2510 DSC_2515 IMG_5675 DSC_2538 DSC_2553 DSC_2422DSC_2562 DSC_2576 DSC_2597 DSC_2607IMG_5687IMG_5689IMG_5691

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