NYC Weekend


I still have so many pictures to share from Istanbul, and I’ll get back to those next week. But today I wanted to share my quick weekend in NYC. Two weeks ago my cousin was hosting a Baptism celebration for her daughter and I couldn’t pass up the chance to go hang out with the fam. My mom and I got there early Friday and spent the day shopping. At night my fabulous friend Sonya, who recently moved to New York, took me out with some of her friends. It was a late night. I knew the weather would be pretty amazing and enjoyed packing for it! Saturday it rained pretty heavily through the morning and finding a cab to get to the Cathedral was impossible so we ended up speed walking 10 blocks with our umbrellas. In that moment, I was so happy my Manolos were patent leather, and all I could think was ‘this had to be what it was like for Carrie Bradshaw all the time.’ jeje Even tho it sucked…I loved every minute of it. And we made it on time-ish. After a beautiful party at the Universty Club, my mom and I headed over to buy tickets for Wicked. My aunts and cousins met us up, and it was the cutest Broadway show I’ve seen! After Wicked we caught the midnight showing of Gone Girl, making for another late night. Sunday my mom and I wandered thru Soho and I drooled over too many things I couldn’t afford…one day ;) The night Sonya took me to the Highline, oh my goodness, it was beautiful, and I didn’t even know it was there. It’s like an elevated pedestrian strip with benches and greenery along the route. As we walked we took in some beautiful scenery and enjoyed the sunset. Afterwards we zipped thru Chelsea Market then sat to enjoy some vino and cheese. We ended the night back at my cousin’s place with the rest of the fam, leaving at 3am for the airport. And straight to work for a very hard, but worth it recovery week. I love New York :)

P.S. Brands I’m newly in love with after this trip: Ted Baker & All Saints


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