Cakewalk Style Shop

IMG_5434Last week my always fashionable girlfriend and Stylist, Kendra, hosted an even at Cake Walk Style Shop. I’ve been following them for a while on Instagram ever since a friend posted a pic of the boutique, yet I hadn’t made my way over to see it in person. Kendra’s event was just the excuse I needed, the shop was even cuter in person and the owners were super friendly and personable. The event itself was a lot of fun and I met some fabulous girlies I’m hoping to run into again. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried not to buy anything, I ran into a gorgeous pair of white moto skinny jeans from Vince…ON SALE. Kendra talked me into trying them on and them I couldn’t leave the store without them. The best part about the Cake Walk experience is that after you make a purchase you get to spin this birdcage/hourglass timer looking contraption with dice inside. If you get two of a kind (which I did) you get a $25 GC, three of a kind equals a $100 gift card. So now I have another reason to go back soon :)1IMG_5433IMG_5443IMG_5447IMG_5449


Loft shorts (option) // Tildon top // Ann Taylor blazer // Manolo Blahnik heels // vintage bag

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