As much as I love shopping, I love a good deal more. Often I’ll want something I know I don’t really need so I’ll leave the store without it and by the time I’m done shopping if I’m still thinking about it I’ll come back for it, this is my “spend less” strategy.But sometimes, I’ll fall in love with items I know I need but refuse to pay full price for, I’ll go home without it and I’ll wait, very patiently…I’ll check online every few days, I’ll go to the store when I have time, I follow what I want! These metallic sandals have been a long time craving since they first showed up in the J. Crew catalog, then I started seeing one of my favorite bloggers wearing them with all kinds of adorable outfits, finally the price dropped to $40 and I scooped them up deciding that was low enough for me…I didn’t want them to sell out, I mean, I’m sure EVERYONE was loving them!!! They arrived Friday while we were getting everything ready for my sister’s wedding, which was amazing, I threw them on immediately to run all my bridesmaid errands, and I was right, everyone WAS loving them :)



Lerner New York top (printed version here, white in store) / Gap shorts / J. Crew sandals / Tibi for Birchbox bag

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