Lake McQueeney Road Trip


This past weekend Carlos and I were invited on a mini get away to Lake McQueeney. I’d never been and we didn’t have anything else going on Saturday so we decided we would get up at 5 am and make the drive. My little Mini has been at the dealership getting “worked on” for the past week, which sounds horrible, but they gave me a convertible to enjoy in the meantime :) So the 2.5 hour drive to McQueeney was pretty enjoyable top down (and on someone else’s mileage) even better, Carlos had been wanting to drive it, so I got to sleep a little. He was loving it tho, it’s like driving a zippy little Go-Cart, and even with the top down he could still hear his podcasts. We definitely made the most of my car “situation.” The house we stayed in was gorgeous, I wanted to shrink it down to fit in my bag and take home with me. And our hosts were amazing, preparing wonderful meals for us and entertaining us with their witty personalities.

As much as I had been looking forward to what seems like my only weekend this summer to stay home and do absolutely nothing, our day at the lake was extremely relaxing and worth it. I was able to work on my tan, read, take a couple of naps and I finally tested out this adorable one piece. I bought it a couple months ago thinking I’d wear it during my Mexico weekend, but there was so much beach volleyball going on that I opted for more supportive suits instead. This suit will def be coming to Istanbul with me next month!

I’ve had a few little weekend trips recently; my sister’s Bachelorette party in Colorado, Austin to check out her new place, and now Lake McQueeney….hopefully going back to Austin for Labor Day Weekend! I feel as though I’ve become a lot more savvy in my packing, and my secret….one good bottom. Mine has mostly been these shorts, but it could be jeans, flowy pants, a skirt, whatever you fancy. But for me, these are my favorite and most comfortable shorts. They don’t stretch much so I can wear them for days, they’re not tight on my thighs which I think makes them more flattering, they’re got button pockets on the back giving me a little oomph where I most need it, and the distressed look is so in right now. I can wear these super casual (obvs) or even attempt to dress them up a little with heels and a blazer or flowy top. I love throwing these shorts into a bag with a few tops different tops and knowing I’ll be set for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I probably own shorts in every color of the rainbow, and I’ll wear them all, but for a quick getaway comfort and simplicity is def what I’m going for.

P.S. don’t you just love this little car?!? I might be thinking of trading up :)

1116 IMG_4338IMG_4370 IMG_4328 IMG_4331 1122IMG_4316 1118IMG_4379 IMG_4392 IMG_4403 IMG_4450 1120IMG_4436 IMG_4456 IMG_4469IMG_4481IMG_5262

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