Spotted Crop

IMG_3247Crop top at work, why not? Totally kidding, crop tops at work, probs not the best choice one could make. However, in a situation like this; long crop + high waisted skirt…I don’t see a problem. No one has to know this shirt even is a crop top! I found it at H&M a couple months ago when I was on a crop top buying binge and I just love a good silky flowy look. Paired with a pencil skirt and these new amazing pumps that I scored recently from Barney’s designer sale, LOVE, this just made kind of a perfect work outfit. I mean, I’d probably say any outfit with these babies was perfect for work, but that’s just the love of new shoes talking!IMG_3226IMG_3224IMG_3233IMG_3255IMG_3236IMG_3230IMG_3252


H&M top (similar shape in white) // Loft skirt // Manolo Blahnik pumps

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