Summer Camp Chic


I attended a little day time shindig last weekend with Carlos and the invite called for “summer camp chic” attire. I thought about guys in polos and khaki shorts with sweaters thrown over their shoulders and boat shoes…why I thought up guys attire before womens’ I do no know. I figured we’d be outside and thought a little sundress would be cute, but then all I could think was what if it is like camp and we’re going to be playing games?!? Being the competitive girl that I am I couldn’t risk showing up in an outfit that would hold me back from kicking serious ass in any of these possible activities. I settled on this outfit loving the color palette and chic material to elevate my “shorts and tank” look.

There were no games after all, but I am confident that I would’ve looked very classy kicking ass in this ensemble!

I’m interested to know what a “summer camp chic” outfit would be to you?






J. Crew shorts // Express top (option) // Circus by Sam Edelman sandals via Piperlime

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