I finally found a great pair of fashionable everyday sneakers! I’ve been loving this new trend…who doesn’t enjoy a little break from heels?!? As much as I love a colorful shoe, when I found these blue beauties I knew I would be able to wear them with anything. I love the subtle contrast of color and texture…the satiny grey ribbon shoe strings are what really did it for me tho. I’ve been wearing them with a lot of soft pink and loving how they pair with every style.

Because I’ve been loving this blush color so much, I couldn’t get to the register fast enough when I found this slip dress for under $15. It is pretty short, so I knew I would be wearing it with a jacket or blazer of some sort to avoid showing too much skin at once. I wasn’t thinking of getting too many different uses out this dress, but when I added my new nike’s to the mix, everything changed!

I wore this for a casual Thursday night out on Mid-Main with Carlos, I was super comfortable and still felt very cute!

Forever 21 dress (similar) // J. Crew jean jacket & bag // Nike sneakers


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