Culture and Color


As promised we’re back to the fashion this week. I haven’t completely dropped Guatemala tho…This shirt was one of the many purchases I made over there. (You can see a picture of me trying it on over my clothes and contemplating over it here in my first Guatemala post) I loved the colors of it and even tho I’m pretty sure it was for kids because of it’s length I decided I was gonna make it work. After all, crop tops are in right now! I tried it on with some high waisted jeans, which was super cute too, but I wanted to show how easy it is to modernize something like this. It paired perfectly with my new pleated midi skirt I’d been wanting to share and the navy made all the bright colors of the top really pop. I liked red heels for this outfit to play on the idea of culture and color.

Everyone is always talking about the art of mixing high end pieces with low end pieces, and I agree, I mean it’s really the only way to save you bank account, we can’t all be running around in designer everything all the time. Also I think it brings a level of normalcy to the more high end brands when you see them paired with a $5 item from H&M. You don’t have to be able to afford an entire line to enjoy one piece from it! I kinda feel the same way about typical clothing found on my travels. I may not dress like the local Guatemalan women do everyday but It’s fun to take a few of their pieces and mix them with today’s trends for a modern and unique take on fashion.









Ann Taylor skirt // Lulu’s heels // Top from Guatemala market

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