Safari Neutrals


This color combo makes me feel very Safari ready. A couple of weekends ago Sam and Lilli had a major clearance sale at Belvedere where I found these super cute oxfords. I was seriously impressed with how well made these shoes are, and they were reduced to $60 so even tho green would not have been my first choice I knew I’d get some use out of them. I wanted to wear them to brunch the next day but I didn’t have much time to play in my closet for color matching. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything in this forest green shade so it’s not a color I’ve really tried to work with before, however I knew khaki and white would not fail me. My outfit was super comfy but I felt like my new little shoes added polish that gave me a more prep feel than my usual sandals would have. I’ll be trying them out with some more adventurous colors soon, but I had to take them out for a spin, and I’m really happy with them!





Old Navy top // Banana Republic shorts // J. Shoes oxfords // Ray Ban aviators // J. Crew bag (similar)

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