Lighten Up


It’s Spring, or haven’t you heard?!? I know, the weather really makes it hard to keep up with what season we’re actually in. In honor of the new season I’ve been making lighter additions to my closet. Pastels are everywhere right now, and although I’m really a sucker for pink, I’ve been finding some amazing blues lately. It started when I found these blue Calvin Klein heels on the sale rack at Macy’s for $25! I was ecstatic…until they brought out the other shoe and noticed how dingy the one on the rack look compared to the one in the box :( I decided they were too good to pass up and took them to the shoe hospital to get the one shoe cleaned and have them both treated with suede protectant. It only cost $20 which meant my shoes were still under $50 (score) and I was very happy with the results! Then I picked up this sweater at Loft, I’m starting to wonder if blue will be my color this season…

Today I’m officially beginning my count down, I will be in Guatemala in one week! I’ve got a nice long trip planned through Easter, so I might be MIA aside from some Instagram pics.

Also, Carlos just officially found out yesterday that he is going to be on TV!!! A few years ago he left his job to do philanthropic work around the world with Operation Change. Their adventures were documented and made into a mini series that will premiere on The Oprah Winfrey Network on June 23! Just when I think he couldn’t possibly do any more ;)  he goes and proves me wrong. I’m so happy for him!






Loft sweater & pants // Calvin Klein heels (cobalt version) // Bag (gifted) // Ray Ban aviators // Earrings purchased at Nordstrom Rack

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