Have you ever seen something and thought, that’s so me, I can’t not have it?!? It doesn’t happen too often for me, and it’s usually not some ridiculously amazing thing. It may be a color, design or cut, never anything I’m looking for or in need of and usually girly, but hey, that’s me. I can’t really explain it, most of the time I take quite a while to dwell over whether or not I want to make a purchase, but every once in a while my eyes will catch something that I need immediately. This happened to me last week during a random (but always satisfying) trip to Target. I saw this shirt and swooned, silly, I know….it’s just a Tshirt. But it was so much more to me! I have a thing for hearts and love and pink (and a pink and grey combo, my fave!) The contrast of it’s boyish cut with a girly statement, I didn’t even look at the price (gasp, I know) but I was at Target (where everything is reasonable) and it was only $15 so don’t worry I didn’t do anything regrettable :)








Target top // Gap skirt (option) // Shoemint heels (similar style in fun colors) // Ann Taylor earrings // H&M bag (old)


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