Last night I attended a sold out early screening of Cesar Chavez. My boyfriend (I’m very proud of him) organized the event through the Hispanic National Institute (which he’s a volunteer director for) several of his students came out to work the event and enjoy the movie. The movie was very moving and It was inspiring to see so many young people interested and involved.  I have to say, I’m not exactly a big history buff or documentary watcher but Diego Luna did a great job with this film. The actors were great, the story sucked you in and really made you feel what they were going through. Cesar Chavez comes out this weekend and I think it’s a story all young people should know and not just because you’re Hispanic. The biggest lesson I took from the movie is that you shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for your rights and fight for what you believe in, it is hard to do it alone but when people come together great things are accomplished.

When I go to the movies I like wearing comfy jeans and a sweater cuz I always get cold, but I decided to dress it up just a little to not make Carlos look bad ;) I wanted to keep it young tho, so I opted for a fun T under my blazer and bright heels.

Tonight I have another event to go to for Carlos, so I’ll be bragging a little more about him later this week :)






Old Navy jeans // Asos Tshirt // Ann Taylor blazer (similar) // Lulu’s heels // J. Crew bag (similar)


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