Daylight Savings


march 049

Yesterday the whole daylight savings thing actually sank in. I was so happy when I realized I had time after work to walk to the Rice Farmers Market before it got dark! Even though I did miss out on a lot of delish items because it was almost over by the time I got there, it was so nice to be able to go. I did make out with some fresh/clean kale (for my yummy green shakes) and I treated myself to a couple of macarons for the walk back.  I’m excited just thinking about all the things I won’t have to rush home to do before the sun goes down anymore and who doesn’t enjoy a good stroll through a Farmers Market?!?

I’m trying to get as many wears out of my boots while I still can, it’s almost time to put them away though :(

march 047

march 042

march 045

Banana Republic skirt,  cardigan & boots // F21 tank // Ray Bans


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