drepics 072

Every outfit I try to create with this skirt ends up with a serious twenties vibe, I kinda love it! I got it recently from Zara but it took some time to figure it out because I can’t tuck anything into it! You can see the pattern or color of any blouse I try tucking in, it’s not high waited enough for a crop top, and if I leave something long over it I feel a little frumpy, but I still really love it. I finally compromised with a partial front tuck here thinking it showed definition by breaking up the top and bottom even tho it’s still mostly untucked. With such a “long” outfit, I def had to go for a major heel (even better with peep toe) so my legs didn’t look too short.

Hope y’all have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!

drepics 056

drepics 062

drepics 061

drepics 060

Zara skirt (option) // Loft top (similar) // Fendi heels // Baublebar necklace

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