feb 196

I decided to try something new. Last year I played around with different sites for a few months trying to find the best platform to start my blog. I ended up using the easiest one since I am not exactly computer savvy and I just wanted something simple to house my new found hobby. It’s still small and I’m still trying to grow, but I have great followers and support that I appreciate very much! I’m so happy that I decided to start up my blog (nerves aside) and even happier that it’s been going strong for 6 months now! Well, I’ve decided to switch over to an actual “made for blogging” site. Hopefully this works. So you’ll probs see some changes over the next few posts while I’m still trying to perfect things. Let me know what y’all think!

On to the clothes, I wore this outfit on a beautiful day strolling through Herman Park with Carlos. As much as I enjoy winter, the cool temps have been intermittent recently and I’m worried I’m gonna get sick and I’m starting to long for Spring and easy outfits like this one.

I forgot to tell y’all that I totally rocked my half marathon this weekend 2:03:42 Now I’ve gotta start working on getting it under 2 hours! So Melissa and I will be sticking to our weekend long runs so we don’t get out of shape.

feb 201

feb 221

feb 226

feb 231

American Eagle shorts (newer version) // Old Navy top & shoes (loving this & these)  // Coach bag (stolen from mom) // Ray Bans

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