Made For Walkin’

drepics 182

It’s Rodeo time in Houston, are you ready? I have come across a few people in my lifetime that thought everyone in Texas was a cowboy/cowgirl and that we all rode horses to work…I feel bad disappointing these people, but that’s just not the case. I bought my first pair of boots a few years back when I was really into country dancing. I learned pretty quickly that heels weren’t going to cut it at Wild West. I don’t really get much use out of them anymore, but I still enjoy every time I find a reason to wear them! And can we talk about this jean jacket?!? I bought it last month while J. Crew was taking 40% off all sale, I have a feeling it’ll be getting a lot of use this spring!

drepics 148



drepics 170


F21 dress (option here & here) // J. Crew jean jacket // Ariat boots

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