Trending (Spring 2014)

spring 2014
Spring is fast approaching and stores are already filling their racks with the latest fashions. In case you’ve been too cold to get out of the house and see these changes I thought I’d share some of the trends you’re probs gonna be seeing a lot of soon (love it or hate it).

1. Round sunglasses – personally, I love them, but my face is very round so I just don’t think they work on me :( hopefully one day I will find a pair that is just right! There are many sizes and versions of this round shaped eyewear but I prefer bigger and rounder, they remind me of Mickey Mouse :)

2. Crop tops – they’re here to stay this year whether you wear them solo or layered. I like them cut boxy and swingy and they’re easier to wear than the more fitted version.

3. Full skirts – they’ve been around, and who doesn’t love them?!? We will def be seeing these babies a lot more as the weather warms and in many delicious shades.

4. Pastels – I know Radiant Orchid was announced as the color of the year, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of it through 2014, but I’m happy to say there will also be many pastels. At least through spring. On anything and everything pastels will bring a sweet change to our wardrobes after this very black and grey winter.

5. Pointed Toe Flats – not everyone loves a pointed toe, but they add a feminine touch to any ensemble. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these over ballet flats. Just as comfy but a little more structured, add a bow and you’ve got some serious “lady like” action going on!

6. Bucket Bags – I’m not a fan of this trend (like back packs) I just can’t do it. They just seem like such a pain to get in and out of. I don’t want my purse to make life any harder.

7. Mules – Some people can totally rock them, and they’re coming back from the 90’s pretty hard but ahhhhh, I don’t like mules, I never have, and I seriously doubt I ever will. Everyone’s style is different tho, and if you’re a fan, right now’s the time to strut them.

8. Wide Leg Pants – looks like everything is widening this year (crop tops, skirts & pants) not to say they’re slim counterparts are out of the picture completely, but I am happy about these more comfy but still stylish options.

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