Leather Legging Love

SONY DSCIf you’re anything like me, when it’s cold, you might gravitate towards tights and oversized sweaters….I want to tell you there is NOTHING wrong with that! This year I added faux leather to my tights, which I’m loving because they don’t get dingy! I think they add an “I made a little more effort” to any tights ensemble, not to mention edge. The key to taking this look outside is femininity! If you wanna wear tights and a baggy sweater, throw on a pretty necklace or scarf, if you don’t normally wear a lot of make up this is the day to swipe on some extra eyeliner and blush. And play with your shoes, comfy does not have to equal boring :) Now I’m going to take a moment to tell y’all to shop the sale racks, there is no shame!!! I cannot remember the last time I bought anything full price, I barely even look at the full price items when I walk into a store, I always bee line to the sales. Melissa found this sweater at Gap during one of our shopping trips for under $10 (I stole it from her) that day I also bought a super cute striped a line skirt for $3.50 seriously! I shop a lot, I buy a lot, but I do not spend a lot on each item (shoes are a different story, but still never full price) Hope y’all held out for the after Christmas sales to buy things for yourself because those sales will def be amazing!


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